Soldrain Internal Cavity Drain

Soldrain ICD is a High-Density Polyethylene membrane for use on walls, floors, vaults and tunnels with minimal surface preparation required. Also suitable for external foundation waterproofing and to provide insulated dry lining for walls above ground level that may not be suitable for conventional plaster finishes. Soldrain ICD does not have any mesh or fabric on its surface, which makes cutting and fixing faster and easier.

Soldrain ICD CM8 & CM20 membranes are suitable for use in type ‘C’ (drained protection) structural concrete constructions in accordance with BS 8102:1990, clause 3.2.4.

CM8 is a medium capacity drainage membrane (4 litres/m2) for floors and walls both above and below ground level.

CM20 is the highest drainage capacity membrane in the range giving a void volume of 14 litres/m2. Suitable for use on floors and walls in very wet situations or where the large stud height is desired to maximize insulation values.

Roll Size : 2mt x 20mt


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