Solshield Drainage & Venting Membrane

A High Quality Venting & Drainage Membrane

Solshield Drainage and venting mat is a cavity drain former manufactured from a dimpled H.D.P.E. core bonded to a non-woven polypropylene
geotextile filter membrane designed to provide a drainage/venting channel in floor and wall construction.

Solshield Drainage & Venting Membrane is a passive gas venting solution for use below the footprint of new developments, especially on brownfield
sites. These passive gas venting systems are designed to effectively facilitate the collection and dispersion of ground gases. Our passive gas venting membrane is a 25mm deep HDPE drainage sheet with a nonwoven filter geotextile bonded to the top of the cuspate studs (25mm deep is the most commonly specified under BS8485:2015+A1:2019 regulation).

The 25mm Gas Venting membrane provides a high gas flow capacity and compressive strength, is UV stabilized, lightweight, and easy to install
within the passive gas venting system.

• CE Marked.
• Easy application for both drainage and venting solutions.
• Cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.
• Provides protection to tanking/gas membranes.
• Prevents tracking of water between membrane.
• Can be installed in damp conditions.
• Apply immediately after shutters are struck to wet surface/green concrete

Roll Sizes : 12mm x 1mt x 50mt &  25mm x 0.97mt x 50mt


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