Soldrain Double Drainage Membrane

A High Performance Studded HDPE Drainage Membrane

Soldrain Double is a sheet drainage system consisting of an 8mm studded HDPE membrane and a nonwoven geotextile – manufactured from UV stabilised, high tenacity, virgin polypropylene fibres that have been mechanically entangled. This provides high strength, high extensibility, high loft and excellent abrasion characteristics. Soldrain Double can be used as a protective barrier between the structure and the surrounding fill and act as a protective layer to the primary waterproofing membranes.

Soldrain Double isolates and protects the external structure from surround soil and helps relieve hydrostatic pressure from the face of the structure. Soldrain Double is a UV stable and reliable root and fungi-proof drainage system, which when fully protected from UV exposure, has a design life in excess of 120 years. Soldrain Double offers levels of protection required for below ground structures, described in BS 8102: 2009, Grades 2, 3 & 4. The product is CE marked according to EN 13252.

Roll Size : 2 x 20mt x 8mm


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