Solseal Aqua Barrier

Two-component, water based, epoxy coating / primer.

Solseal Aqua Barrier is a two-component liquid applied water based Epoxy Coating, which dries to forms a tough, Waterproof / Humidity (Class III)
barrier & chemical resistant membrane.

Solseal Aqua Barrier is impervious to water, and when subjected to normal service conditions, will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of
liquid water and water vapour, for the design life of the structure in which it is incorporated.

Solseal Aqua Barrier has excellent adhesion to correctly prepared substrates without the need for a primer. Once installed, Solseal Aqua Barrier will
provide excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical damage. Solseal Aqua Barrier is certified as a ‘Class III’ water and humidity barrier which makes it ideal for applications subject to negative pressure / rising humidity. Solseal Aqua Barrier also complies with the requirements of BS5908.

Pack Size : 8kg, 10kg, 20kg


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