Mapei Foamjet T

Rapid setting polyurethane resin for waterproofing of structures  

Mapei Foamjet is a Ultra rapid setting and two-component polyurethane resin to be injected for waterproofing of structures subject to strong water ingress. Foamjet can be used for waterproofing even when subject to constant contact with water. Examples where to use are :

  • rock or loose ground diggings
  • dams, shafts or tunnels.
  • Diaphragm and pile walls 

Some application examples :
Waterproofing tunnels subject to high pressure water ingress through possible cracks or in fissures between keystones.
Waterproofing shafts or hydraulic structures with high pressure water ingress through working joints or cracks.
Repairing cracks in dams, channels and bulkheads when permanently immersed in water.
Sealing cracks in floorings or slabs that are damp or saturated with water.

Packaging : 44 kg units – part A = 20 kg; – part B = 24 kg.


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