Solseal Liquid Gas Barrier

A liquid Applied Membrane & Gas Barrier.

SOLSEAL LIQUID GAS BARRIER is a ready for use specialist styrene butadiene latex based liquid applied membrane. It offers a simple, continuous passive gas prevention barrier against the ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Ground Gas, VOC, air & Moisture into buildings.

Provided the liquid gas barrier is not in direct contact with the source of contamination; then the liquid gas barrier is suitable for use as a Hydrocarbon/VOC Barrier. SOLSEAL LIQUID GAS BARRIER also acts as a waterproofing membrane complying with the requirement C2 and C4 schedule 1 of the Building Regulations 1991 for England and Wales

• Prevents ingress of Methane, Carbon Dioxide & Radon gasses.
• Suitable for use as a DPM on floors and walls.
• Meets the requirements of BS8485:2015 +A1:2019.
• Fast drying for rapid installation.
• Single component (no primer required).
• Can complement or replace sheet membranes

Packaging : 15kg tub (7.5m² per tub)


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