Soljoint Bitumen Joint Sealer

A flexible joint sealant for precast concrete units

Soljoint is a preformed bitumen sealing strip designed for joint sealing of precast concrete sections used in ground drainage, sewerage and subway construction. A wide range of cross sections and sizes are available to suit any joint design or unit construction. Under compression Soljoint will mould to the joint faces and establish a watertight seal. Soljoint is manufactured in rolls, interleaved by a double-sided release layer, which is removed during application.

Roll Sizes
12mm x 25mm x 6m
12mm x 60mm x 6m
12mm x 80mm x 6m
20mm x 25mm x 5m
22mm x 30mm x 4.5m
25mm x 40mm x 4m

Solco Primer – 5lt


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