Solco Vertical Extension Sleeve

The Solco Cavity Vertical Extension sleeve is designed for use with the Telescopic Underfloor Vent. The sleeve facilitates the ventilation of building interiors where the ground level is higher and therefore requires a vertical step of multiple brick courses. The unit can also be used to provide horizontal extension when used a the base of the Telescopic Underfloor Vent.

The Cavity Vertical Extension Sleeve is simply inserted onto the telescopic underfloor vent. Multiple units can be clipped together for an increased vertical extension.

This product should be used in conjunction with other products from the brick ventilation range to provide a complete through wall ventilation system.

Colour: Grey
Box Qty: 20
Material: Polypropylene Free Airflow: 7880mm2

Extension: 150mm vertical (2 course) 185mm horizontally



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