BIODEM® HQE, the Eco-friendly, biodegradable, Vegetable oil based Mould Release Oil

BIODEM® HQE is a mould release oil that is 100% environmentally friendly, it is the only oil that has been awarded a European ECOLABEL that confirms it is totally non harmful to the environment. This has been used extensively in marine environments and is the only oil that was allowed to be used in the reconstruction of Monaco harbour.

BIODEM® HQE is a product for delayed form removal from concrete. It takes the form of an emulsion of vegetable oils in water. BIODEM® HQE will not harm users’ health or the environment.

The product has excellent surface quality of the concrete, uniform colour and a glazed appearance, is readily biodegradable and classified non-dangerous. The product is solvent-free, so non-flammable and odourless, its white colour makes it easy to check the uniformity of application and its presence on all parts of the shuttering. This white colour disappears shortly after its application on the formwork, leaving a film that is oily to the touch. There is no risk of stains and, can be used on white and coloured concretes.

Packaging : 1000lt , 215lt, 30lt


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