Solease Bio CR2

An Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Chemical Release Agent

Solease Bio CR2 is a biodegradable chemical release agent specially formulated fo give easy release from pre-cast moulds or formwork. and provides a high quality surface finish to concrete.

• Solease Bio CR2 is essentially non-hazardous and readily biodegradable.
• Suitable for use with all types of precast mould & formwork, provides easy mould release.
• Provides excellent concrete surface finish.
• Has no unpleasant odour even when using a fine fog spray,
• Very economic coverage rates can be obtained.
• After de-moulding provides a mould surface virtually free of cementitious deposits.
• Minimized the need for mould cleaning, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds.
• Non-staining, suitable for use with white or standard OPC, also concrete containing pigments.
• Retains its mobility at low temperatures.
• Solease Bio CR2 promotes a uniform, matt, stain free concrete surface with reduced.

Pack Size : 20lt, 25lt & 210lt


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