Solease CR2

Biodegradable Concrete Mould Release Agent

Solease CR2 is especially formulated for use in precast concrete works. It provides the benefits of both the protection of an oil based physical carrier and the release soaps formed by chemical reaction. For all wet cast concrete forming in precast concrete works to give easy release of formwork and high quality concrete surface finish.

• Solease CR2 is essentially non-hazardous and readily biodegradable.
• Suitable for use with all types of precast mould & formwork, provides easy mould release.
• Provides excellent concrete surface finish.
• Has no unpleasant odour even when using a fine fog spray,
• Very economic coverage rates can be obtained.
• After de-moulding provides a mould surface virtually free of cementitious deposits.
• Minimized the need for mould cleaning, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds.
• Non-staining, suitable for use with white or standard OPC, also concrete containing pigments.
• Retains its mobility at low temperatures.
• Solease CR2 promotes a uniform, matt, stain free concrete surface with reduced.

Pack Size : 25lt & 210lt


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