Soltex Rubber Bearing Pads

Rubber Bridge Bearing Pads

Soltex Black Natural Rubber to BS EN 1337/3 Bridge Bearing Pads are a Black Natural rubber suitable for Bridge bearings, manufactured to the latest standard BS EN 1337/3.

Ideal where bridge bearing are produced from sheet. Due to their ability to absorb brief external force, as well as force from vertical loads, bearing pads can be used to isolate and nullify vibrations, including in applications such as vibration and shock isolation railway tie pads. Rubber bearing pads are one of the key components of a bridge’s flexibility. Distributing loads to the substructure, this
facilitates natural movements, without creating harmful stress. If a bridge undergoes excessive amounts of irregular stress, it could collapse.

Bridge bearings also spread the stress loads, reducing wear and tear to the materials used in
the building process. Over time, this saves on costs.


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