Manthorpe Dual Extended Underfloor Vent

The Dual Extended Underfloor Ventilator is specifically designed to provide a clear airflow passage into the void beneath a suspended floor when insulated to the high levels. The ventilator offers a vertical telescopic adjustment of between 5 and 8 brick courses without the need for an extension sleeve. The horizontal outlet is also long enough to bridge through an overall wall thickness of 350mm without the need for an additional extension. This makes the product ideally suited for ventilating through a well insulated cavity wall and down below an insulated suspended floor.

Description               Free Airflow                                  Vert. Extension         Horiz. Extension
Dual Extended
Underfloor Vent
8,000 mm2
(7,600 mm2 thro’ Airbrick)
5-8 courses
(375mm – 600mm)
(Inc. airbrick)


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