Solco Weep Vent

The Solco Weep Vent has an integral grill design to prevent rain ingress during high winds and a lip to ease positioning during use. It is wide enough not to become blocked by day to day debris yet small enough to prevent access by large insects. The Solco Weep Vent is an unobtrusive vent which sits between two bricks to ventilate cavities and provide drainage for lintels and cavity trays. Weep Vents feature and angled grill

The Weep Vent should be positioned between bricks and secured with mortar. NHBC requirements stipulate spacing at 450mm centres with a minimum of 2 above all windows and doors..

This product should be used in conjunction with other products from the brick ventilation range to provide a complete through wall ventilation system.

Colours: Terracotta, Clear, Buff, White, Black, Brown, Grey
Box Qty: 50



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