Solco Cavity Sleeve

Cavity sleeves are used in conjunction with Brick Vents and are used to provide ventilation through a standard cavity or solid brick walls. The units are telescopic and can be stacked to 9×6 or 9×9 variations and can be used to fit cavity widths of 50mm to 100mm. Further extension can be achieved by using multiple units.

The Cavity Sleeve should be positioned behind an Brick Vent and adjusted to suit the width of the cavity using a number of bricks and sleeves dependant on the ventilation required and thickness of the walls. The airflow passage should be free of any obstructions and surplus mortar. The Cavity Sleeve should be fitted to the back of an Brick Vent 9’’ x 3’’ and adjusted to fit the desired cavity width. It can be used in any combination required and built into the brick course as normal.

This product should be used in conjunction with other products from the brick ventilation range to provide a complete through wall ventilation system.

Colour: Grey Box Qty: 10
Material: Polypropylene
Free Airflow: 6165mm2



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