Solco Gas Vent Pipework

Solco Gas Vent Pipework is used to connect the Solco venting blanket and direct the gas to the outlet point. They are also used to carry the gas around the perimeter of the building to the gas vent mat connector points and finally to the outside for discharge.

Use in conjunction with the Solco venting system

Pipe Range Includes :-

110mm HDPE Twinwall Slotted Pipe 1.5mt long (930mm Slot)

110mm HDPE Twinwall Slitted Pipe 3.0mt long

110mm HDPE Twinwall Flexible Pipe 1.5mt

110mm HDPE Twinwall Pipe 3 / 6mt long

114mm HDPE Solid PVC Pipe 3 / 6mt long


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