Solshield Reinforced Gas Barrier

A High Quality Reinforced Gas Membrane

Solshield Reinforced Gas Barrier is a three-layer, low-density polyethylene membrane, reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcing grid.

Solshield Reinforced is designed to be suitable to perform as a Radon, air & moisture protection system, as well as a low-level protection to Carbon Dioxide and Methane.

The membrane is sufficiently resistant to the ingress of radon into a building, although on more heavily contaminated sites a passive or active venting system may be required to dilute the gases down to acceptable levels. Solshield Reinforced is extremely flexible for ease of installation and is robust enough to cope with site conditions. Solshield Reinforced will also protect against damp and therefore will act as a DPM and satisfy Approved Document C.

• BBA Cert 20/5737.
• NHBC Compliant & CE Marked.
• Meets the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC Standards.
• High resistance to puncture.
• Also acts as a damp proof membrane.
• Restricts the ingress of radon during the flooring construction lifetime
• Complies with latest codes of practice as published by the BRE and CIRIA.

Roll Size : 3mt x 33mt


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