Solco Polybar Waterstop

A Revolutionary waterstop for sealing construction joints

Solco Polybar Waterstop is a hydrophilic Thermoplastic Elastomer waterproofing strip made from a combination of an elastomer and a hydrophilic resin. When confined between a construction joint, and in the presence of water it will swell to over four times its original volume and build up pressure inside the joint to seal against water leaks. The composition of the Solco Polybar Waterstop ensures that initial swelling is delayed and makes Solco Polybar Waterstop safe to install in in-situ concrete applications. In addition to the standard version, a Salt Water Variant for use in seawater (saline concentrations up to 3%) and contaminated water, as well as a SuperSwell variant for use under highly saline conditions (salt concentrations up to 10%) are also available in all sizes

• Saltwater version for use in salt water environments.
• Solco Polybar swells by approx 450%.
• Composition delays initial swelling allowing installation to insitu concrete applications.
• Reversible swelling through wet-dry cycles.
• Easy installation, nailing, or gluing with Waterstop Sealant.
• Has a good all-round chemical resistance (see Chemical Resistance table).
• BBA Certified 21/5891

Fix using Solco Fixing Adhesive or Swellable Paste


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