Solcourse Damp Proof Membranes (DPM)

Solcourse DPM Membrane is a three-layer membrane with three thickness options. One of the best membranes to effectively protect the underground parts of the building against dampness. Flexible, yet very strong and resistant. Resistant to water vapour penetration. Manufactured from high quality 100% recycled polythene making it an economical alternative to other membranes as well as being hugely environmentally friendly. The BBA (British Board of Agrement) certification allows you to view detailed technical information as well as giving peace of mind that the products quality is independently assured.

The rolls are made in a variety of thicknesses (see below) and come in a convenient multi-fold format for easy storage and handling. They are uniquely labelled and registered for complete traceability. All accessories to suit are available including Single/Double sided tape, top hats, preformed corners and many more.

1000guage – 4 x 25mt Blue / Black

1200guage – 4 x 25mt Blue / Black

2000guage – 4 x 12.5mt Blue / Black


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