TERWA Alligator Splicing Couplers

The Alligator Couplers are used for splicing any grade or profile of reinforcing bar. These couplers are made for reinforcement steel with diameters in the range of 10mm to 40mm. Connection is made by inserting bars into both ends of the coupler. The shear bolts are then screwed by hand and tightened with either our electric or pneumatic impact wrench until bolts shear off. These couplers can be used in particular cases to replace the damaged reinforcement with full connection to the existing structure.

The range is fully CARES approved.

Coupler Dimensions (range)
Bar Coupling Dia: 10mm – 40mm
Unit lengths: 160mm – 580mm
No of Bolts: 6 (M12) – 18 (M20)

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