Vandex Super

Crystalline Waterproofer

Vandex Super is an in-depth crystalline active waterproofing slurry specifically formulated for waterproofing concrete. The active components of Vandex Super penetrate into concrete and form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete – preventing further water ingress.

Areas of application include basements, foundations, slabs, retaining walls, drinking water structures, construction joints, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, lift pits, multi storey car parks, backfilled structural elements, etc…

In addition to waterproofing the concrete structure, Vandex Super protects concrete against sea water, waste water, aggressive ground water and certain chemical solutions. Vandex Super has been WRAS approved for use in contact with drinking water and is suitable for use for the tanking of water storage tanks, reservoirs, water towers, etc…

Pack Size : 25kg (Grey & White)


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