Vista Windpost & Parapet Post Support System

The Vista windpost and parapet post range provides support to masonry panels subject to higher lateral loads without the need for extra columns or an increase in wall thickness. All our windposts, parapet posts and spine posts can be produced to your exact specifications.

The Vista VEW1 range of windposts are of angle section where the inner leg ‘A’ of the post is built into the inner leaf with the return leg ‘B’ sitting in the cavity. Vista VEW1 Windposts are generally used for heavily loaded conditions or for small cavities where the Vista VEW2 type post may not fit.

The Vista VEW2 range of windposts are of channel section where the post sits in the cavity of the wall, they are generally used for lighter load conditions than the Vista VEW1 type posts. The use of a Vista VEW2 Windpost is governed by the size of the cavity and the load to be supported i.e. it may not be possible to increase the section of the post and therefore its load capacity due to the size of the cavity. In the case of cast stone units the fixing options are increased as cast-in fixings may also be considered.

Parapet and spandrel posts are designed as cantilevers and are available in both the Vista VEW1 and Vista VEW2 section types. Larger base connections will be required to resist the ‘bending moment’ and careful consideration of the plate, fixings and base structure is required to ensure the post resists the applied loading

VEW3 Spine Posts add strength and stability to single leaf walls without protruding beyond the width of the blockwork. In this way, decorative wall surfaces and ‘fair faced’ finishes are possible without compromising on safety. Although the width of VEW3 Spine Posts is limited by the width of the masonry (we recommend they sit within the wall by at least 10mm either side), the thickness of the post itself can be increased to add to its load capacity.

Vista WPT2 Spine Post Ties Spine posts are tied in using Vista WPT2 ties. These ties are usually supplied 200mm long and can be ordered with a debonding sleeve for use with the Vista Windposts & Parapet Posts support systems being used at movement joint locations.




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