Vista VST1 HD Type 1 Wall Tie

A Type 1 Heavy Duty Formed Safety Tie

The VST1 tie range has a Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. Its categorisation as a Type 1 wall tie means the VST1 tie is suitable for most building heights and geographical locations.
The Vista VST1 wall tie range 200mm to 350mm was tested in tension and compression over a normal cavity width of up to 225mm in accordance with BS EN 846-6 Methods of Test of Ancillary Components for Masonry. Part 5; Determination of tensile and compressive load capacity and load displacement characteristics of wall ties (Couplet Test)

The Vista VST1 wall tie exceeds the performance criteria for a Type 1 tie in line with PD6697: 2019, in M2 mortar.

Wall tie lengths : 200mm up to 350mm

Cavity widths : 50mm up to 225mm


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