Ancon Optima Masonry Support System

Ancon Optima is a bracket angle masonry support system. Systems comprise laser-cut brackets, two-step angles with pre-marked fixing zones and locking wedges to ensure the correct contact is achieved between the two.

Standard systems, referenced AnconOptima 10, 12
and 14, support an unfactored masonry load of up to
10kN, 12kN and 14kN per metre respectively.

The brackets used across the three standard systems are universal and are available to suit cavities from 60mm to 150mm (stocked in 5mm increments). Depending on the fixing type, brackets are simply changed on site to allow for cavity variations.

Benefits of Standard Systems
More adjustable than welded bracket systems
Specified by using simple load/cavity charts
No requirement for detailed layout drawings
Supplied from stock
Faster to install
Easier to move around site
Unused items can be used on the next project


Ancon Optima Systems
System Maximum Unfactored Load (kN/m) Angle Length (mm) Nominal Length (including 10mm gap between angles) (mm) Fixing Colour Zone Bracket Position (mm)
AnconOptima 10 10 990 1000 Red 500 centres
AnconOptima 12 12 990 1000 Green 500 centres
AnconOptima 14 14 790 800 Blue 400 centres

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