Mapegrout Hi-Flow

Shrinkage-compensated, fibre-reinforced mortar

Mapegrout Hi-Flow is a ready-mixed mortar in powder form composed of highly resistant cements, selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic fibres. Mapegrout Hi-Flow when mixed with water, becomes a highly fluid mortar, suitable for pouring into formwork without
separation of the aggregates even when forming great thicknesses. If Mapegrout Hi-Flow is prepared by only adding water, it must be cured under damp conditions in order to guarantee that the product’s expansive properties develop completely and correctly. However, it is not easy to ensure these conditions on site.

To repair structures where particular thicknesses and the state of deterioration require the use of high flow mortars. Mapegrout Hi-Flow is suitable to repair bridge structure where a flowable repair concrete is required and complies with the HE standard for repairing such structures.
Some application examples
· Structural reinstatement of reinforced concrete beams and pillars.
· Restoring the lower flanges of pre-stressed concrete beams of viaducts.
· Reinstatement of floor beams and slabs after scarification of deteriorated areas.
· Restoring concrete floors (industrial, road and airport).
· Grouting rigid joints between concrete elements

Packaging : 25kilo bags


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