Mapegrout T60

Fibre-reinforced, sulphate-resistant thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete

Mapegrout T60 is a one-component pre-blended thixotropic cement-based mortar composed of sulphate-resistant hydraulic binders, synthetic polyacrylonitrile fibres, organic corrosion inhibitors, select aggregates and special water retaining admixtures. Mainly used for the repair of degraded concrete structures or reinforced concrete structures subject to sulphate attack.

Some application examples

· Canal linings, hydraulic works, and tunnels that require resistance to sulphate attack.
· Repair and reconstruction of concrete coverings damaged by corroded reinforcing bars.
· Filling of rigid joints (e.g. between base and column, cracks in floors, joints between walls, etc.).
· Repair of precast structures.

Packaging: 25 kg vacuum-packed polyethylene bags.


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