Mapegrout Thixotropic

A Shrinkage-compensated fibre-reinforced mortar for concrete repair

Mapegrout Thixotropic is a ready-mixed powdered mortar composed of high-strength cements, selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic fibres mainly used as a surface repair for deteriorated concrete structures on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Some application examples
· Repairing deteriorated areas of concrete damaged by the oxidation of reinforcing steel.
· Reconstruction of reinforcing rod covers in reinforced concrete structures.
· Smoothing surface defects, such as gravel nests, new casting joints, holes created by formwork spacers & exposed rods
· Filling of rigid joints.
· Repair of surfaces subjected to heavy abrasion (canals, industrial floors, ramps, etc.).
· Smoothing of diaphragm walls and tunnels.
· Repairing viaducts for highways, roads and railways.

Packaging: 25 kg sacks.


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