Mapei Planitop 200

A Water-repellent cementitious skimming mortar with a fine-texture

Planitop 200 is a one-component, fine-grained, water-repellent cementitious skimming mortar available in grey or white, based on special high resistance binders, selected aggregate, special admixtures and synthetic powder polymers.  The special composition of Planitop 200, mixed only with water, imparts high bonding strength, easy application with a flat trowel and easy finishing with a metal or sponge float.

Fine-grained, natural-finish skimming layer for internal and external concrete, cementitious and lime-mortar render, old quartz paint, scratch-effect plastic coatings and glass or porcelain mosaics.

Some application examples :-
· Level and finish to concrete walls, cement renders or lime mortar before painting.
· Smoothing walls, even over existing paint such as acrylic, quartz or textured paints.
· Smoothing over glass or porcelain mosaics on walls.
· Smoothing gypsum wall-board panels (treated beforehand with Primer G).
· Smoothing mineral wood panels

Packaging : 25kilo bags


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