Mapei Mapegrout SV-T

Quick-setting thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete

Quick-setting, shrinkage-controlled, thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete, fixing drains, manholes and urban fixtures. Mapegrout SV T is used for repairing highly deteriorated in-situ concrete elements, both vertical and horizontal, without the use of formwork. It may also be used for repairing industrial floors, and for construction work on roads and in airports which need to be reopened to traffic quickly. The rapid hardening properties of Mapegrout SV T are particularly suitable for reinstating, inspection wells, manholes and drain covers.

Containing cementitious binders, selected inert materials and special additives, Mapegrout SV T is prepared by blending the contents of one 25kg bag of the product with 3.1-3.4 litres of water. After preparation, Mapegrout SV T may be applied by trowel for repairs up to 50 mm thick. Mapegrout SV T may be opened to traffic approximately 2 hours after placing, at a temperature of 23°C. Mapegrout SV T meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 standards for R4-class structural mortar.

Packaging 25 kg bags. Consumption 20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.


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