Mapegrout T40

Medium-strength fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete.

Mapegrout T40 is a premixed powdered mortar composed of cement, graded aggregates and special additives. The main application is for the repair of degraded vertical or horizontal concrete surfaces with mortar possessing medium mechanical performance characteristics.

Some application examples
· Repair of degraded concrete surfaces, corners of pillars and beams, balconies damaged by rusted reinforcing bars.
· Repairs to diaphragms and tunnels.
· Concrete linings for canals and hydraulic projects.
· Reconstruction of concrete coverings of reinforcing bars.
· Repair of surface irregularities including exposed aggregate, joints between new and old concrete, holes in formwork concrete, protruding steel, etc.
· Filling of rigid joints.

Packaging: 25 kg vacuum-packed polyethylene bags.


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