Mapefer 1K

Mapei Anti Corrosion Inhibitor

Mapefer 1K is used as a re-alkalising corrosion-inhibiting protection for reinforcing rods in the reparation of concrete carried out with shrinkage compensating mortars from the Mapegrout range or with normal cement mortars modified with synthetic resin latexes. It can be applied also in underground concrete constructions. Mapefer 1K is a single component mortar based on polymers in water dispersion, cement binders and corrosion inhibitors, to be applied on reinforcing rods to prevent rust formation. Apply two coats of Mapefer 1K with a brush on the re-bars freed of rust. The second coat can be applied after 90-120 minutes after the application of the first coat but preferably within 24 hours. It is recommended to completely cover the surfaces of the rods in one homogeneous coat. The total thickness of the two coats must be approximately 2 mm. Reparation with products form the Mapegrout range must be carried out once Mapefer 1K is dry (approximately 6 hours at 20°C).

Packaging: 5 kg bag


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