Ancon MDC Masonry Support System

Ancon MDC Bracket Angle Support Systems (Patent No. 2 249 816) can carry over 8 metres of brickwork and accommodate any width of cavity from 40mm in its standard form. The brackets are welded to the angle and the material content of both components is optimised to ensure the most economic solution is designed.

There are several variations of the standard MDC System that allow the support angle to be positioned anywhere from the top of the bracket to a position below the bottom of the bracket.

Adjustment is provided in every direction to allow for tolerance in the structural frame. The serrated and slotted face of the bracket allows for vertical adjustment. Cast-in channel will provide virtually unlimited horizontal adjustment; slotted holes in a steel edge member will offer more limited adjustment. Shims can be included between the bracket and the frame up to a maximum thickness of the outside diameter of the fixing bolt,or 16mm, whichever is less. When used, the 3mm thickness of an Ancon Thermal Break should be taken into account when calculating the maximum shimming allowance for a system.


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