Masonry Support System

A High Quality Masonry Support System

The Vista masonry support range includes continuous and individual support angles and brackets, stone support brackets and a wide variety of fixings and anchors. Our engineers will work closely with you to create a bespoke support package that takes into account structural frame type, cavity size, masonry loads and other critical factors in your building design.

VESS Masonry Support System  – A range of brackets welded to continuous angles at pre-designated fixing centres. Suitable for cavities wider than 45mm, masonry support systems are fabricated to your specific requirements.

VEIB & VEIBS Individual Bracket Masonry Support – For use when continuous support is impractical, individual masonry support brackets are the ideal solution in nonstandard construction methods such as curved brickwork.

VESB Stone Support Brackets – Following BS2898:2010 standards for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining, Vista stone support systems adhere to building industry regulations and best practice.

VEAS Masonry Support Angle – Use our masonry support angles where cavities are 50mm or less, or where the underside of the masonry panel is exposed and the cavity needs to be closed


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