Timloc InvisiWeep Non Combustible

A Non-combustible Wall Weep for use in high-rise buildings.

Timloc Invisiweep is a non-combustible multi-function wall weep for discharging water from external walls. For use in any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall. The product is produced as a high pressure diecast in A1 non-combustible metal protected by an electroplated coating classified as A1, non-combustible, no contribution to fire.

There is an integral 4mm vermin barrier and rainwater baffle which is recommended to reduce ingress of large nest building insects, mammals and rainwater penetration to the cavity. The product’s external ribs & tapered profile is designed to key into mortar for secured fixing. Includes a full height upstand to cavity side, to maintain drainage and minimise the impact on blockage from cavity cement build up, with a discrete water outlet, to minimise the impact and reduce visibility for a truly concealed wall weep in external masonry walls

  • Suitable for high rise buildings above 18 metres as Building Regulation 7(2) Document B
  • Suitable for high rise buildings above 11 metres as Building Regulations Scotland
  • At ground floor slab level, within cavity tray system & over external lintels
  • Satisfies all Building Regulations, British Standards & NHBC requirements
  • Material:  High pressure diecast ZL5 Zinc & Electroplated

Available in packs of 50nr


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