Solco Peep Vent

Solco Peep Vents provide cavity wall drainage solutions, allowing rain water to easily escape the cavity wall via a discreet aperture in the vent.

Solco Peep Vents functionally provides cavity wall drainage with an inconspicuous “peep” profile on the brick wall face. The design features ribbing to act as a mortar key for secure flooring, and a small angled exit hole to facilitate water drainage whilst guarding against penetration of insects and wind driven rain.

The Peep Vent is fitted in open perp joints and mortared in position leaving 10mm proud of the brick face. N.H.B.C guidelines and peep holes are recommended to be sited at every 450mm with at least two per opening above all windows and doors.

This product should be used in conjunction with other products from the brick ventilation range to provide a complete through wall ventilation system.

Colour: Terracotta, Clear, Buff, Black
Box Qty: 100



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