Manthorpe G966 Stacked Underfloor Vent

The G966 Stacked Underfloor Void Ventilator is a telescopic ventilator providing twice the amount of airflow as a standard telescopic vent, to the underfloor void of a property. The current and future requirements of part M of the building regulations for accessibility into and around a domestic property and modern architectual design has led to the increasing demand for a double, stacked underfloor ventilator.

The G966 offers the house builder more design freedom and space to create an accessible opening into the property, without jeopardising the amount of underfloor ventilation.
Like our G965 product, the G966 offers a vertical telescopic adjustment of between 5 and 8 brick courses without the need for an extension sleeve. The horizontal outlet is long enough to bridge through an overall wall thickness of 350mm without the need for an additional extension. The front aperture of the G966 is designed for use with two G930 Combination Airbricks.

Brown / Terracotta / White / Buff / Grey / Blue Black

Box Qty: 2
Material: Polypropylene



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