Solco Sealing Plug

A water swellable plug for a perfect seal of formwork spacers

Solco Form-Tie Waterstops are produced from a unique hydrophilic rubber sealing compound that expands in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture to form a compression seal inside or around the form-tie system in the concrete structure, to give a permanent flexible watertight seal.
Available in a number of different sizes and profiles to suit the form-tie system and once installed, forms a continuous barrier, making Solco Form-Tie Waterstops ideal for preventing water penetration or egress.

Features and Benefits:
• Excellent sealing capabilities available in many different sizes, shapes, and profiles
• Provides a permanent, flexible gasket and compression seal inside the concrete.
• Non-biodegradable hydrophilic rubber that provides long-term durability and integrity.
• Expands up to 400% in contact with concrete water and over 200% expansion in saltwater.
• Has been tested to withstand over 60 metres of hydrostatic water head pressure.
• Suits water retaining structures where direct water pressure is applied against the concrete.
• Grout not required to fill form-tie sleeve hole after Solco Form-Tie Plug is in position.
• Non-toxic and can be used in potable water structures.
• Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles.
• BBA Approved Certificate Number 21/5891


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