Solco Bentobar+ Salt Waterstop

Salt Water Hydrophilic Waterstop For Sealing Construction Joints

Solco Bentobar+ Salt Waterstop is a hydrophilic sealing bar made of sodium bentonite and butyl rubber for preventive sealing of construction
joints and as a system component for bentonite mats. Solco Bentobar+ Salt Waterstop is specially developed for sealing in contact with seawater or contaminated water.

Mechanical fixation can be performed with Solco Fixing Adhesive for water swellable sealing profiles or by nailing. Solco Bentobar+ Salt is based on high quality butyl rubber and sodium bentonite. Solco Bentobar+ Salt retains its shape after 3 wet and dry cycles. However, at a certain point, partly washing out will be initiated. The benefit of this phenomenon on the other hand is that concrete voids/cracks are filled up

Roll Size : 20mm x 25mm x 5mt

Boxes: 6 No. rolls = 30m per box.
Pallets: 36No. boxes = 1080m per pallet


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