Solco Stopaq Sealing Compound

A Waterstop Pipe Sealant Through Service Duct Sleeves

Solco Stopaq Sealing Compound is a non-toxic, single component, elastic, water- and gas tight synthetic compound. It adheres on dry and wet surfaces of concrete, brick, PVC and others. There is no need for primer application, and it does not cure but remains permanently flexible. The compound does not build up internal stresses and expands when exposed to water. Solco Stopaq Sealing compound must be covered with a barrier of water resistant or fire retarding mortar.

Being in service for more than 30 years, Solco Stopaq Sealing Compound has proven that the sealing properties of the material are reliable and have excellent performance over a long period of time.

-The sealing remains permanently flexible

-Does not require special tools for application

-No material waste – re-usable when not exposed to water

-Immediate sealing – no curing time

Cartridge = 310ml


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