Solco Rectangular Gas Vent

The Solco Rectangular Gully Vent is designed to effectively disperse passively vented gas safely into the atmosphere. The vents should be used near the building perimeter or in soft landscape.
In areas of vehicle traffic, the rectangular gully vent can be positioned underneath a gully grate to suit road traffic (design of bearing load to be approved by the engineer).

Stainless steel screws are provided with the stainless steel Holed Lid. Base connection should be to storm water collection, land drainage or soakaway system.

Install around the perimeter of the building (grass verges, gravel beds, planter areas etc). Only for use in areas that sustain light foot traffic. Correct Installations/specification should be sought from the specifier, ground engineers or the structural engineers to ensure the unit is suitable for the intended location.

Lid design can either be – Holed or slotted Stainless Steel


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