Solco Bentobar+ Waterstop

A Bentonite Waterstop for Sealing Construction Joints

Solco Bentobar+ Waterstop is a green flexible hydrophilic strip made of high quality butyl rubber and Sodium Bentonite. Solco Bentobar+ Waterstop is used for preventative sealing of construction joints in overground and underground structures to prevent ingress of pressurised water. Also used for sealing of concrete and steel pipework and as a system component for Bentonite mats.

The swelling properties are created by the particle structure of the clay. In contact with water and in confined conditions, Solco Hydrophilic Waterstop will expand on contact with water to seal the gaps and pores in a concrete joint. The durability of performance will exceed the life of the structure.

• Easy to install by bonding nailing or casting into joint face.
• Salt Water Version Available
• Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling.
• Sustains effective seal in wet conditions.
• Non-polluting, ecological user friendly system.
• The composition of the waterstop prevents premature swelling.
• Can resist hydrostatic pressure of up to 70metres of water column (7 bar).

Roll Size : 20mm x 25mm x 5mt (Boxes: 6 No. rolls = 30m per box)


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