contecSEAL 150 Metal Waterstop

A new generation of high technology metal waterstops

contecSEAL 150 is a metal waterstop made of galvanized sheet steel with a special elastic coating on both sides. The special coating consists of a pressure-sensitive special adhesive which is coated with a special granulate. This creates a permanently adhesive composite system for fresh concrete with a very strong bond to concrete.

contecSEAL 150 has been tested withup to 50m (5 bar) hydrostatic head and in accordance with the abP (German approval regulations), is approved for up to 20 m (2 bar) hydrostatic head in case of joint expansions of up to 0.5 mm. For joint expansions greater than 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm, contecSEAL 150 has been tested for up to 2 bar with an embedment depth of the metal waterstop of only 3 cm. The use of contecSEAL 150 metal waterstops is also approved for control joints in in-situ and precast concrete constructions. contecSEAL 150 is also suitable and has been tested for the use in changing water levels. To achieve the highest functional reliability of the joints, the metal waterstop overlaps are installed with contaflexactiv VAS 50/150 active strips.

Waterstop Dimensions : 150mm x 2mt


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