Solco PVC Waterstop

Solco high performance PVC Waterstops for secure sealing of concrete structures.

These high integrity multi-finned PVC Waterstops incorporate fin control barriers which improve density and provide superior sealing. Solco waterstops are interconnectable using preformed transitions and joints to allow a continuous seal in reinforced concrete structures.

XTCB waterstops can be used in vertical and horizontal expansion joints giving two-way hydrostatic pressure resistance when cast centrally.
The XTCB / XTPW profiles are available with eyelets if required.
The range is complete with the XTRS, XTRR and XTKK profiles.

Features & Benefits:
• Wide range of profiles
• Specific design for unique applications
• Eyelets
• Strength combined with flexibility
• WRc approved for potable water
• For use with: construction & expansion joints,
• Contraction joints, internal / external joints
• Fuel resistant variant available


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