Solco Single Sided DPM Joint Tape

A High Performance S/S DPM Tape For Sealing Membranes

Solco Single Sided DPM Joint Tape is an extra strong Crossweave fiberglass filament reinforced clear tape. The tape is coated with a synthetic rubber and hydrocarbon resin adhesive. The reinforced tape is tear-resistant and has a very strong adhesion and tack to damp proof membranes.

Solco Single Sided DPM Joint Tape is suitable for sealing Damp Proof Membranes including HP Performance DPM’s & Attenuation Membranes at overlaps. Use in conjunction with Solco D/S Butyl Tape which is used to bond two membranes together & then over-seal with the Solco DPM Tape. The tape can also be used around pipe penetrations & as a patch when membranes become punctured.

Roll Size: 75mm wide x 25mt long


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