Soltex Slip Membrane

Soltex Foam Slip Membrane is made from the combination of two layers of dense extruded polyethylene sheet. It is used as a sliding joint between concrete slabs, where load bearing characteristics are present, and low friction resistance is required. Application.

Soltex Foam Slip Membrane is an economical, low capacity, low friction bearing strip, which can be used under insitu or precast concrete slabs and beams. It is resistant to most chemicals, solvents and weathering. The bearing strips are formed using two strips, one on top of the other

Soltex Foam Slip Membrane is Economical – Low coefficient of friction – Smooth one side and textured reverse – 2mm thick -CFC & HCFC free

Size Rolls : 150mm x 25mt & 300mm x 25mt


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