Soltex 600 Joint Sealant Tape

Soltex 600 Expanding Foam Sealing Tapes

Soltex 600 Is manufactured using an open cell polyurethane foam heavily impregnated with acrylics creating flame retardant properties. Under high compression the product will create a weather-proof seal, under low compression the product is suitable for draught sealing.

Soltex 600 is recommended for use in more extreme weather applications (tested to DIN 52453 Watertight Against Driving Rain) and is fully resistant to UV. The product is supplied in rolls, pre-compressed to approximately 85%.

Soltex 600 HPE has been developed for the more demanding application, especially in timber frame construction, where movement within the structure has to be accommodated whilst ensuring that a weathertight seal remains constant. The open cell nature of the product ensures good ventilation preventing moisture build up in the joint whilst still providing the thermal barrier and acoustic performance required. As with the Soltex 600, HPE provides good stability to UV ageing and sealing against driving rain.

For roll sizes please refer to the attached technical data sheet.


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