Soltex Expansion Joint Foam

Low Density Expansion and Movement Joint Filler

Soltex Expansion Joint Foam is a closed cell, non-cross-linked, semi rigid polyethylene movement joint filler. Soltex Expansion Joint Foam is a low density expansion and movement joint filler which is suitable for use in brickwork and blockwork due to the low compressive strengths. Soltex Expansion Joint Foam is also suitable for expansion and isolation joints in concrete slab construction. Soltex Expansion Joint Foam is a white coloured, closed cell, non-cross-linked, polyethylene, low resistance joint filler, for use in brick and blockwork. It fully meets the specification of BS5628 Pt 3: 2001 Section 5.4.3 – Code of Practice for use of masonry.

Soltex Expansion Joint Foam is ozone, oil, and weather resistant, and has very low water absorption properties of <1% by volume. When Soltex is used as a joint filler, there is no need for any additional bond breaker. When using Soltex as a joint filler the size/width of the joint should generally be double the expected total movement, allowing for the compressibility of both the filler and the mastic. Soltex Expansion Joint Foam has a non absorbent closed cell structure, is ideal for use with potable water, meets BS, DOT, WRC specifications & is both waterproof & UV resistant.

Rolls : 10mm, 12mm, 15mm x 10mt rolls  –

Strips : 20mm, 25mm x 2mt strips

Sheets : 10mm, 12,, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm x 2mt x 1.2mt sheets

Standard widths : 100mm, 150mm 175mm, 200mm (other widths available)


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