Steelfix Tying Wire System

Steelfix is a refillable tying wire delivery system used by steel fixers when tying reinforcement in concrete structures. The system is worn on a belt and comprises of a dispensing reel which houses a 2kg spool of tying wire.

The wire is drawn through one of two openings on the side designed to accommodate right or left handed operatives. Any excess wire drawn while tying can easily be rewound into the reel where it remains clean, dry and ready until required again.

Steelfix Plastic Reeler

Steelfix Aluminium Reeler

Steelfix 2kg Black Annealed Tying Wire

Steelfix 2kg Stainless Steel Tying Wire Steelfix Heavy Duty

Tying Wire Reeler Belt

Steel Fixing Wire Nippers

Product H&S Problems Using Loose Tying Wire H&S Solutions Using The Steelfix System
Steelfix Plastic Reeler Trip Hazard Draw Wire As Required- No Wastage
Steelfix Aluminium Reeler Infections & Contaminated Wire Remains Clean & Dry On The Reel
Steelfix 2kg Black Annealed Tying Wire Scratches, Cuts & Eye Injuries No Flying Ends Of Wire
Steelfix 2kg Stainless Steel Tying Wire Back Pain From Picking Up Heavy Coils No Bending Down To Pick Up Heavy Wire Bundles
Steelfix Heavy Duty Belt 70% Wastage Only Tiny Cut Offs Are left
Steel Fixing Wire Nippers

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