ARC T-Barrier (Masonry)

ARC T-Barrier enables the closing of an external cavity at a party wall junction where building regulations require the use of a mineral wool closer for acoustic insulation purposes. Additionally, it provides an effective edge seal around the party wall cavity, helping to achieve a zero U-value.

  • Up to four hours fire integrity
  • Seals edge of party wall cavity
  • Zero U-Value at party wall can be achieved
  • Up to three times more effective as an edge seal than conventional systems
  • Reduces flanking noise
  • Minimises thermal bypass
  • Easy to install
ARC T Barrier
Cavity Width Dimensions (mm)
50mm / 55mm 200×65/70×1200
50mm / 75mm 200×65/90×1200
75mm / 55mm 200×90/70×1200
75mm / 75mm 200×90/90×1200
100mm / 55mm 200×110/70×1200
100mm / 75mm 200×110/90×1200
125mm / 55mm 200×135/70×1200
125mm / 75mm 200×135/90×1200
150mm / 55mm 200×160/70×1200
150mm / 75mm 200×160/90×1200

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