Mapefill 130 WT Grout

A High Performance, High Strength Grout For Dynamic Loadings

Mapefill 130 WT Grout is a high-flow cementitious mortar with high compressive strength and fatigue resistance for anchoring and grouting onshore wind turbines, viaducts etc

Mapefill 130 WT is a pre-blended powdered mortar composed of high-strength cement, graded aggregates and special admixtures with an expansive agent formulated by MAPEI Research & Development laboratories. When mixed with water, Mapefill 130 WT forms a highly fluid mortar with the capacity to flow into complex spaces. It is not necessary to vibrate the mortar and it does not segregate. It can be used for anchoring works 10 to 200 mm thick

• Anchoring base plates for onshore wind turbines where high fatigue resistance is required.
• Anchoring tie-rods and nuts of wind turbines.

Some application examples
• Filling gaps where a high modulus of elasticity and high compressive strength are required.
• Anchoring works under base plates.
• Anchoring works in adverse weather conditions and at temperatures down to +2°C.

Packaging : 25kilo bags


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