Tarmac Truspread Mortar

A ready-to-use Dry Bagged Mortar For Masonry

Tarmac Truspread Ready-to-use Mortars are factory produced, are eminently suitable for use in all types of masonry construction, both above and below damp-proof course. The exact specification will depend on the properties of the masonry unit, type of construction and the exposure conditions. The controlled mix design of Tarmac Truspread Ready-to-use Mortars, ensure maximum resistance to frost attack and excellent long term durability.

Lime-based mortars such as Tarmac’s Truspread mortars are favoured by contractors thanks to their working properties: the fatty, buttery texture is rewarding to work with and makes the mortar easy to lay with minimum wastage and maximum strength. In addition, the mortar’s retained consistency means it remains workable on the bricks and completely fills the vertical as well as horizontal joints in brickwork and masonry.

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